Brandt impresses in this sensitive moving-on drama
— - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
What can one say about a film as perfect as Claire in Motion? With a script that subtly explores the realm of emotional conflict, and powerful performances from its ensemble of actors, the movie is a gentle tour-de-force about trauma and healing .... One emerges after its brief 80 minutes as if from an intense, cathartic dream, haunted and challenged by its raw truths, perhaps, but made all the stronger for them.
— Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail
The performances dazzle, and the script does an expert job of balancing the mystery of the missing person story with the intimacy of Claire’s emotional struggle, the latter of which steals the show.
— Ashley Moreno, The Austin Chronicle
Lisa Robinson and Annie J. Howell have crafted a transfixing, thoughtful thriller — where the directors’ deft maneuvering around the intimate performance of Betsy Brandt keeps you glued to the screen.
— Oakley Anderson-Moore, No Film School
One of the buzziest films at SXSW.... Betsy Brandt gets a front and center chance to shine.
— Matt Donnelly, The Wrap
A near perfect drama ... filled wall to wall with an excellent cast that are nothing but believable, and pull you into the story with their genuineness.
— Mike McCutchen, Aint it Cool News
One of the 5 most anticipated films at SXSW.
— CJ Perry, Film Slate
So far, my favorite film at SXSW is CLAIRE IN MOTION.
— Don Simpson, Smells Like Screen Spirit
This is an engaging drama that takes a turn we might not be expecting, but what we get is equally as good.... Brandt’s performance is excellent.
— Allen Almachar, Macguffin Post
Claire in Motion is basically a star vehicle for Betsy Brandt .... Fans of Breaking Bad know how great Brandt is, and hopefully more will discover that through this film, because her performance is killer.
— Seth Frielich, Pajiba
An absorbing, dynamic portrait of a woman in transition. The intimate, fluid camera and Betsy Brandt’s subtle performance add up to a vivid cinematic experience.
— Susannah McCullough, Screen Prism
A compelling, well-acted character study.
— Stephen Saito, The Moveable Fest